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Targeting the right keywords based on Demographics and Behavior

April 27, 2006


There are three areas I want to cover with this post, because most people do not understand thier customer base. You need to figure out if your customer base is niche specific, or based on the following three criteria:

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Geography

Age: Do you know the age of the people who are your target audience? Are you writting for them? Make sure the content you write, ads you place, and keywords you target are ones they are searching for.

Gender: Male-vs-Female start to understand them. What sex is going to be buying from you the most? When are they going to be shopping online? Write your ads, and find keywords geared for the sex that you are targeting.

  1. Change your bids according to age and time users are online.
  2. Find Alternative or additional words with similar demographic profile to match customer base.
  3. Can help find words that are not working in your campaign.

Geography: Demographic data found out in your CPC can be applied to creating a new campaign better geared towards your potential clients. Find the right keyword to narrow down age, gender, location, and behavior. What time are they visiting your site the most? Only pay for ads that cost more during these times that your clients would be more likely to visit and click.

Strategies and Options:

  1. With many PPC Ad companies you have the options for Bid management for ROI by keyword
  2. Demographic Research and bid boosting by keyword
  3. Behavioral Targeting and Research (personalized search)
  4. Better Variety of search engines
  5. Local Search
  6. Day Parting Flexability
  7. Contextual Advertising
  8. Advanced Analytics and Tracking Software.

When starting your SEM campaigns its important to know who you are targeting. I wanted to give some ideas, because most just have a product they want to sell, and find a few keywords they think people will find them for. There is more to Search Engine Marketing then this! Give it some thought!

Written by admin on April 27, 2006

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