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Still can’t get your site listed in DMOZ?

April 11, 2006


A big frustration for a lot of clients I work with is they can’t seem to get their website(s) listed in DMOZ (Open Directory Project) or Googles directory (same thing), no matter what they do or try.  Anytime I submit a site I get in about 90 percent of the time.  Let me tell you why I have success, and why I think clients that submit themselves don’t.  Plainly put, I research, they don’t!

You can’t just randomly pick a category you think you best belong and submit for approval without knowing the other sites that are included in that category.  So know who you are going to be put with and make sure the sites listed are in fact doing what you are doing.  You also need to consider if your website is regional, don’t make the mistake of including it in a general category that sells the same thing or service as you.  How you write your title and description can make all the difference in the world as well.  Look at the other sites that are like yours.  See what their description is like and how their title is laid out and written.  Do not copy them, but get a good idea of what they did (remember-they did something right cause they are listed and you are not!!)


  • Search out best category.
  • Research out what category best fits your website.
  • Are you regional?
  • Did you make sure and actually look at the websites that are in the category you think you fit under?
  • Was your website a fit for that category?
  • Did you research out your title and write it based on DMOZ regulations?
  • Did you research out your description?
  • Did you look at what the competition did for their title and description?
  • Did you use proper English and grammar, and write in sentence form?

These are some of the things I do each time I submit a website for consideration into DMOZ.  Remember that getting a link in DMOZ could be worth 50 links on a smaller directory listing.  Also remember that not getting listed in DMOZ will not make or break you.  You will be able to achieve top rankings on the search engines even without a listing in DMOZ.  If all else fails and you want the credibility from a listing in a high power directory you can always think about paying the Yahoo Directory $299.00 for inclusion consideration or for $199.00!

Written by admin on April 11, 2006

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