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State of the Union (or a new reason to Googlebomb the president)?

January 23, 2007


As I was kicking back in the office tonight watching the “State of the Union” address by the president, it made me think, how many search engine marketers and optimizers are watching? Out of those watching (I was wondering) how many are going to go and add to the Googlebombing of the president, and how many newbies never heard of Googlebombing? I really don’t think there needs to be any additional Googlebombing as he pretty much owns the number 1 spot on Google for “failure” …. so funny! Any newbies reading this blog go check out the Googlebombing statement from the official Google Blog and get caught up! Funny, I can’t even watch the President without thinking of search engine optimizaton …. something is very wrong with me!

Written by admin on January 23, 2007

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