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Stale Content

June 5, 2006


I was asked the question today:

Can having “stale content” (or content that does not change) hurt me on Google?

This was a great question and one that I have never been asked before.  I had a good chat with a business partner about this and we came to this conclusion:

By never changing the content of your site it does not hurt you in rankings or standings with Google, but its not doing anything for you either.  You wil not keep getting better rankings and moving up the charts by not updating your content. 

What hurts you is the duplicate content, or the content that is only an RSS Feed from another website.  Original, updated content that is fresh will get the search engine spiders back to your site more often then by not changing the content.  So, I guess it does kind of hurt you, but not in the sense you may think.   You will not get banned from Google for having content that does not change.

I have products that have not changed for years, and to think I could get in trouble for not changing that information is stupid.  My best advice is to do whatever you can to update your content and keep it fresh because it gives the search engines reasons to come back to your site.

This was a great question, and I’d love to hear any feedback from people about thier thoughts (or experience) with this topic!

Written by admin on June 5, 2006

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