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Social Media Optimization?

September 19, 2006


No doubt there is great information on the post I am about to talk about, but some “things” bug me about it, and I’ll get into that in a few lines.  The article is done on Social Media Optimization being a new form of Search Engine Optimization and can be found here – 5 Rules of Social Media Optimization 

Here is the problem I have:  Social Networking, Communities, Bookmarking, Tagging … etc have all been around for years now and “true” Search Engine Optimizers have been taking advantage of these kind of sites for ages now (it seems) SO I ask;  Why the new terms (SMO)?  Is not getting traffic from these kind of sites just good ole’ fashion Search Engine Optimization.  Sure get an article on and get a top 10 ranking on Google, but again….Search Engine Optimization …. right? 

Maybe what needs to happen is the name needs a modification from Social Media Optimization to … “Onsite Social Media Optimization” cause what they article is truly talking about is making it easier for those in the Web 2.0 community to find and share information with other memebers of thier communities.  How is that done the easiest?  ON THIER SITE. 

I know those in the SEO community will agree with me that this IS just another form of Search Engine Optimization and should be treated as such.

Written by admin on September 19, 2006

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