By: Chris Bennett

Social Media For Firefox PLATINUM Live *Added Twitter, Mixx, Sphinn and Tip’d

February 12, 2009


smf logoAlmost 2 years ago we launched Social Media for FireFox and it has been downloaded over 200,000 times and helped thousands of people build powerful social media accounts on Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon.

We finally finished a new version that is awesome, we added some sites and functionality and do some stuff with Twitter that I am super excited about.

New Sites:
It now includes Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon (review and thumbs up counts),, Mixx, Tip’d, Sphinn and Twitter.
smff toolbar

New Functionality:
The functionality is the same as before you can use it on the actual url you are on to see all the vote counts or you can go to sites like Digg and see a list of all the stories on the page and their vote counts at all the supported social sites.

However cause the list of supported sites is getting longer, you can right click on the manual button and choose which sites you want to display enabling you to shrink it down or to block data from sites you don’t frequent.

Go to any url hit the manual button or set it to auto and you will see a number count next to the twitter logo. This is how many people have posted that URL on twitter. We go through the Twitter and various Url Shortening services to grab the actual url so you can get a pretty accurate account for how many tweets shared that url.

Next click on the twitter portion and it will open up a new window that shows the search results in twitter to all those tweets. So you can see all the actual tweets directly pointing to the url in question.
Twitter search

So for all you twitter fanatics that don’t use Digg and other social sites, you can shut down all of them through the config mentioned above in the tool bar and just have twitter running to track tweets to any url.

For those of you that already have it, it should update automatically and the actual version is 3.0.5
If you need to download it you can here

Please share it and Tweet it with your friends, these tools are free and we are passionate about making cool tools that help marketers on a day to day basis and the more exposure and feedback we can get the better.

Written by Chris Bennett on February 12, 2009

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