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Social Media For Firefox Adds (this is really cool)

May 13, 2009


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In 09 we have made 2 very cool updates to Social Media for Firefox. In Feb we added Twitter, Sphinn and Mixx. This lets you hit the manual button on any URL you are on and see how many Tweets it has had. In other words it lets you see how many people have posted your link on Twitter. (There are a million short url services and we are working frantically to add the most prominent in so numbers might be a little off until then)

Today I’m announcing that we have added the Short URL service and I am really excited about the time it is going to save you. Here is how it works.

After installing the new version, Right Click on the manual button and follow the steps to configure by adding in your info and api key.
bitly config SMFF

Then go to any URL and click on the Icon

Then a box will pop up that shows the new Shortened url in it, hit ok that closes the box and saves the link to your clipboard at the same time.
Short URL box

Then go to Twitter or where ever you want to post the URL and hit paste and done the link has been shortened and added into your account stats automatically.

Now after you have posted the link, you can go back to the url you shortened at anytime and hit the manual button. This will load two sets of stats one showing how many hits you have sent to that url and the second showing how many stats in total have been sent to the url from all users. Gives you your influence numbers without always having to login or go to your page and also gives you an idea on how viral or how well that bit of content is doing.

Mashable Swine Flu Tweet
I tweeted a link from Mashable a little while back, and I sent it 897 hits and it got a total of 9,955 hits from The post got much more traffic than that I am sure but it is pretty cool to at least get some kind of idea as to how popular it was and see your influence in that at the same time.
Bitly Status bar screen shot

Remember if you don’t use all the services that are a part of SMFF you can remove them by Right Clicking on manual and configuring your settings to save more real estate in your status bar.

You can download the new version here. If you want more info on Social Media for Firefox see the video below.

***Please add reviews at the Firefox Addons page, I have been lazy and need to get it out of the sandbox there so I can have more freedom with it.

Written by Chris Bennett on May 13, 2009

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