By: Chris Bennett

Social Media for Firefox 3 is Ready

June 28, 2008


Quick update: Social Media for Firefox 3 is ready. You can download it here.

Right now it is just the update with working better. We will be releasing an update soon that will be adding Mixx and have some new options with StumbleUpon. Then after that we will be working on another Kick A version that will have all kinds of crazy stuff it is going to be rad.

When we release the next version I will be uploading a video on how to use it at all the different sites and how you really can use it to build top profiles. Last year I used it to build a good Digg profile, one of my friends is in the top 15 Stumblers and he used it to do that, and I have had literally hundreds of people say they have used it to help them build more powerful profiles.

Nearly 100k downloads of the old version can be bad right?

Stay tuned, make sure you subscribe to our feed for updates. Also stay tuned I have a really cool beta analytics product for blogs that is about a week or two away from release. If anyone wants to help beta post in the comments or email me.

Thanks to Marios for lighting some fire.

Written by Chris Bennett on June 28, 2008

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