By: Chris Bennett

Social Media For Firefox 3 is Near Complete

June 24, 2008


We are getting close on have a Firefox 3 compatible version of Social Media for Firefox. We are sorry it wasn’t ready with the FF 3 launch but it is coming and it is going to be sick. We have taken the opportunity to add some upgrades. Here are some quick features we are working on if you happen to have any additions you think would make it be an even better tool we are all about it and please add in the comments.

We are looking into
> Showing Thumb Up, Down and Review Counts for StumbleUpon and let you choose which combo to display
> Adding Mixx and Sphinn
> Letting You Choose Which Sites to Have Displayed in the Bar
> Adding some really cool social news hubs to be able to scan the content but I don’t want to release the sites yet as we are testing and I don’t want to get people hopes up.
> We are thinking about Taking out they have made some upgrades so we are testing but if we release right away it will be out as it never works and their API is not supported very well. We can always add back in.

Again any other ideas please send them over the tool has had near 100,000 downloads and we plan on making it even better.

Written by Chris Bennett on June 24, 2008

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