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Small town business can equil big city business when it comes to the internet

December 29, 2006


As I have been on vacation thinking about a lot of the small business owners (from small towns) that are clients of mine, it got me thinking about something. And since this is my blog I can post about it – right?

I have some pretty cool clients from small towns that are doing big business and making big business money. For them its ideal online – they get the opportunity of big business with the small town lifestyle they are looking for. This is the main reason I love doing business online – you can do it from anywhere! You are not tied down to a big office building in the middle of downtown that you have to fight hours of other commuters in the rat race.

If people could just get the vision and see the possibilities online they would be changed forever. I was thinking about an Aunt of mine (by marriage) that has a local business that is pretty dang successful selling goat soap and other various lotions. She is afraid to take the jump online and see what can happen because of fear of losing current income stream. i personally think going online could only explode it more for her and take her out of her 9-5. The only problem she may have if she went this route is not being able to keep up with the demand. (My guess is its a problem she would be willing to tackle if it took her out of her 9-5 comfort zone)

I have a really good buddy that lives in a ski resort area of Pinetop Arizona that goes and does what he pleases anytime, and most of the time when I am talking to him he has no idea what day of the week it is! He lives this “successful entrepreneurial” lifestyle by teaching other people about his home based business opportunity (again its online and can be done anywhere)! I have done business deals with this guy while he has been in Cabo, Hawaii and other places I have no idea!

The point here is the power of business online and what it can do for your lifestyle. You just have to believe you can make it happen and go make it happen!

Written by admin on December 29, 2006

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