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SEO Question: Do I have to wait to submit to directories until my site is selling products?

December 18, 2006


Believe it or not this was a question I was asked recently, but it made me think about some tips I could give to those looking to start submitting to directories.

To answer the question; You most certainly do not need to be already selling products on your website to be able to start submitting to directories. In fact, its just the opposite – you want to be starting to submit a new site to many places, directories included, but you do this so the search engines can start to pick you up easier and more naturally.

Directories are trusted sites (well alot of them, but not all) and just getting listed with them because of the human touch most really good directories will really start to help out with search engine rankings and standings.

I have a list of directories that are absolute musts everytime!

If you are on a marketing budget, which I assume most of my readers are then you will probably want to start with these directories when it comes to paid directories (besides DMOZ cause its free) because they will pack the most punch for the money spent.

If you are wondering if you are wasting money on directories let me assure you that you are not! Directories are one of the best solutions to start getting your site recognized by the search engines. A lot of clients I talk to that know about free directories always ask me, with so many free directories how come I need to pay for directories. Its like saying what will get you more exposure a billboard on a deserted island, or a billboard in downtown Los Angeles? Figure it out!

Written by admin on December 18, 2006

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