By: Shante Schroeder

[Webinar] Which SEO Metrics Matter and Which Do Not

April 11, 2017 45 minutes


When it comes to SEO strategy, there are so many metrics you to consider but it’s only helpful when you know which ones you need to consider in order to move the bottom line.  In this webinar we covered the metrics that matter and discernment in selecting said metrics, thereby eliminating or removing reliance on the metrics that do not matter.

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What You’ll Find in this Webinar:

[0:49] Who we are

[0:55] Who we work with

[1:03] What we do

[1:20] SEO, the cornerstone of digital marketing: what it is…

[2:09] What is the best return on your investment? (e.g. time, money)

[2:25] What it’s not…

[3:00] Think strategies, not specifics.

[3:35] All about expert PJ Howland

[4:35] SEO and Content Marketing is part of a long-term investment

[5:15] Measure what can be measured, and make measurable what cannot be measured. – Galileo

[5:45] What caused the increase in traffic?

[6:40] Macro vs. Micro metrics

[8:50] Tool Overview: Ahrefs

[9:31] Keyword metrics that matter

[19:13] Off-Page metrics that matter

[25:00] Content metrics that matter

[31:53] Takeaway and next steps

[35:30] Q&A

[42:27] Next Webinar “Blocking Spam Efficiently in Google Analytics

[43:25] Questions, comments, concerns? Hit us up at

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Written by Shante Schroeder on April 11, 2017

Shante is the Director of Marketing & Communications at 97th Floor.

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