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SEO linkbait, or just a bad move?

January 30, 2007


As I was reading SEOBook’s recent post about Yahoo Search Marketing being more broke then ever it really got me thinking about their recent decision making. Yahoo closed shop on one of the most widely used keyword tools for internet marketers and SEO’s alike, the “keyword suggestion tool”.

I think Yahoo was just “baiting” all of us internet marketers to drum up more interest into their “newly launched” Search Marketing program. Perfect example; here I am blogging about it, Aaron just blogged aboutit, and I have read about a dozen other SEO and internet marketing related blogs talking about the same thing.

Was it a smart decision to just drop it without notice? What are they trying to prove? Does Yahoo need to fire someone for bad decision making? Or is it all just one big link baiting campaign?

I really wish these companies would pay closer attention to the people that are keeping them in business, (but then again, maybe they are)!

Written by admin on January 30, 2007

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