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SEO Basics according to Google

May 1, 2006


I get to chat with about 30-40 different business owners on a weekly basis about thier website optimization.  Every single person I chat with has a different situation, but I am amazed certain things I hear with thier Search Engine Marketing campaigns. 

For example, I had a person tell me last week they had thier “Search Engine Optimization” all taken care of, and did not need additional help in getting results naturally.  When asked what they were doing they told me,  “I am using WebPosition Goldâ„¢, Have you heard of that software?”  Yes, I have (but probably from a place they wish I had not!)  The following is a paragraph taken from Googles quality guidelines:

Don’t use unauthorized computer programs to submit pages, check rankings, etc. Such programs consume computing resources and violate our Terms of Service. Google does not recommend the use of products such as WebPosition Goldâ„¢ that send automatic or programmatic queries to Google.

The problem I have with these programs is they can work to an extent, but the criple they full potential, and optimization of your site.  (Not to mention even Google talks about it being bad on thier guidelines as a Google TOS breaker.)  That is an indicator (have you heard the saying, “it was like a ton of bricks hit me”) right there that I would stay away!

My advice, stop using any kind of software that automatically queries Google.  TOS breakers alone make them bad!  Even programs like (that check rankings) queries Google, and although they are an easy way to find out where you rank, Google logs everything, and this could potentially be bad for future rankings on your site, and standings with Google. 

Written by admin on May 1, 2006

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