By: Chris Bennett

Search Engine Strategies (SES) Needs Search Engine Strategy

August 20, 2007


SES San Jose First off Im not going to start ragging on SES, most of their site is laid out and Optimized just fine. I was going through and looking at sessions and that lead me to Speaker Profiles and Sessions Sponsors for this weeks SES San Jose Conference. I noticed something I thought was a little strange in the terms of lack of SEO 101 with proper On page Optimization.

As I was reading the profiles of some of my friends I noticed that the SES page had no Custom Titles or Meta Tags. Take a look at Cameron’s Page It is specifically just for him but has no mention of him in the Title. I also looked at some of the exhibitors and sponsors especially the pages about huge players in the industry.Omniture has a full company profile on SES and it has no mention of them in their Meta Data either.

Why is this important?

SES is currently the largest Search Engine Marketing Conference on the Planet and they house some of the largest names in both speaking and exhibiting. They could carry out a pretty sweet co-brand Organic seo campaign that would Harbor a lot of traffic and increased credibility.

Company and individual names are always less competitive than your average keyword, yet they bring a tremendous amount of traffic if the name has been branded well. If the SES site had “Cameron Olthuis” in it’s Title tag it would probably rank for Cameron’s name no problem. Omniture might be a little different but with a company that large I would invest a little time in making sure a small campaign was carried out to ensure top ten for their brand search. Omniture pretty much Invented Web Analytics and Search Marketing Analysis and I can guarantee they are getting thousands if not 10’s of thousands of searches a day for their Brand.

I don’t mean to write a post on the importance of Meta Data but with the trust that SES has in Google, they could be getting a lot of co-brand traffic and recognition if they added 5 seconds of work into every profile or exhibitor page on their site. We have seen really good results in traffic, press and conversion by creating co-branding campaigns organically in Google. If people see you rank for a huge brand in Google and they go to your site and it talks about a partnership, or some kind of mutual interaction you will be granted instantly with increased credibility.

Check out the list of sponsors, there is so much traffic in conjunction with those names.

Written by Chris Bennett on August 20, 2007

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