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March 28, 2006


Question:  Can RSS feeds help me get better ranking on my website because the content is always changing and staying fresh?

Rss feeds will do nothing to help improve your rankings as far as what I gathered from the SES New York 2006 when talking to the Google SES Feedback Team.  Many people that I talk to think that the fresh news story of the day is all that thier site needs to stay in compliance with Googles content issues..  Not true at all.  You have to look at it this way:  Google has a pretty good idea (and they said they are working on ways to make it better) of whose content that story is originally from.  With that said, its not helping your site on Google.  What RSS feeds can help you with is keeping people coming back to your site.  If you have a feed they are interested in more then likely they will keep coming back to you.  If they keep coming back to you there is a good chance that someday they may “click on an ad” or purchase something from you.   This may seem like a simple question enough, but I get asked this question so many times I think it was worthy of a blog…

Written by admin on March 28, 2006

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