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November 10, 2006


My Personal Review of

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SEO Giant Aaron Wall has done it again with what is likely to be a huge community based (I know I hate the term now too) web 2.0 powerhouse site. In my opinion Review Me has the potential to be as big as, Digg or any of the other more popular social networks, and will soon be a must in any internet marketers SMO (Social Media Optimaztion) marketing plan.

Why am I so pumped up about this site?

Here are my top 10 Reasons why will be the next social media giant:

  1. Free website consulting – The community of users will review your site and give feedback. Anyone in the consulting industry knows you can’t put a price tag on that.
  2. You get paid – You get paid to review sites.
  3. Writing Reviews adds great content to your blog – When you write a review and post it, you are adding such valuable unique content to your site and that will always help you! So even if you don’t get paid for the review of a site (and I am still not quite sure exactly how all that is going to work out) you still are adding great value to your readers in the form of information.
  4. Free exposure – When you get a review about your site posted on another blog think about the traffic potential!
  5. You will gain more knowledge – Not everything I have come across during my time in the internet business world has been all “peachy” but everything I have crossed paths with has helped me learn. Take the good and bad from every site out there, and grow from it.
  6. is not misleading in any form – Any paid reviews done you must let your readers know that it is a paid or sponsored review. (Now is as good of time as any to let my readers know that YES, this is a paid review. And all of these opinions are mine based on almost 10 years of internet marketing experience.
  7. Generous payouts – If you are reviewing a site worth $60 the payout will be $30. I think that is more then fair for the time to review a site. Also par to the course from what I have seen with ad paying programs such as Adsense and YPN (Yahoo Publisher Network).
  8. Not all sites are accepted – This one in my opinion is huge! Just for fun when signing up I tried to submit another blog I have recently been heading up (knowing full well it has no back links or time under its belt) and it was rejected due to those facts and a few others I am sure, but just knowing only accepts somewhat decent sites is a plus.
  9. I need help – I know that I do not know everything. I have never claimed to know everything. I created this blog to help those with things I do know about search engine optimization, and share the things I have done that has helped me build a pretty little successful (small) empire of internet businesses. Even with that said, I have so much room for improvement! This site will provide the feedback I need to become even more successful … AND ITS FREE! Again, I really hope you see the value of this.
  10. It was created by Aaron Wall – The list of reads on my list everyday include Matt Cutts, Randfish, Shoemoney, Eric Ward, but still by far the source I go back to most often for updating information in the SEO world is Aaron Wall. Thanks for creating this site!

Some “naysayers” out there who will probably read my review of will probably be thinking I am trying to kiss Aaron’s backside and score brownie points, but that is not the case. I have always called it like I see it. I have to give props the the people that provide me the most useful information, and thats that!

Again, remember this is a paid review and all opinions are mine!

Written by admin on November 10, 2006

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