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Rate It All in Beta

May 18, 2007


Just found a cool new widget (hat tip to Stuntdubl for being the one to tell me about it) from a site called Rate it All. They are in beta testing, but this looks like a pretty cool widget to have on your site. I am going to be testing it for a while. You can see a screenshot of what Rate it All looks like here:

rate it all

You can find this widget on my sidebar about half way down. Check it out, test it, rate me (just be nice)! These kind of interactive widgets could be a cool thing for visitors, and you could probably get some good feeback. I really won’t know how much I like it until a few weeks, but I will keep everyone posted. If you want to get in on the beta testing on Rate it All click on the link.

Written by admin on May 18, 2007

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