By: Chris Bennett

Quick Update on Social Media for Firefox and Business in General

October 30, 2007


This is a Quick Update things are crazy this week, Mat and I are speaking at the eTourism Summit next week in San Francisco. We are pumped to be there. We plan on opening up the travel industries minds to Viral Content and SEO in general. We have some sweet screen shots of stats from our latest viral campaign that got our client over 109,000 Uniques in two days. It was sweet, it got 25,000 hits from Reddit which is the most I have seen from them, I would be interested to see if our readers have seen more.

Social Media for Firefox has been updated today to version 1.0.14 in order to fix some problems we have had with We also noticed last night that Reddit has changed how they handle things. We have fixed that as well, the only thing now is you have to be logged into Reddit in order for the tool to work. They changed their search function that we use.

Social Media for Firefox has had over 20,000 downloads, and according to Webmaster Central we got over 5,500 links. We also rank for “Social Media” in the top ten and are pretty stoked on that. Also I have had numerous people say that they have been able to drive their accounts into the top 500 users on digg because of the tool. I had a bunch of people email me and say they hit the digg homepage for the first time with the tool. Same with people focusing on Stumble and Reddit.

Mat and I are speaking next week at the eToursim Summit Nov. 8th and 9th. Im speaking on two panels one on Reputation Management and the other on Social Media. Mat is speaking on Blogging. They may be like 10 tickets left but I doubt it, if anyone is going that reads us regularly let us know.

All my family was evacuated in California but no one lost their homes, we were very fortunate. I had a friend whose entire yard front back was scorched, along with their truck sitting in the driveway. Yet their house was 100% untouched. Got to hang out with Cameron Olthuis and his family this week cause they had to leave SD and that was a lot of fun. Our wives hadn’t met before and our kids got a long really good.

Hope everyone else is doing well, sorry for the personal post and no meat on some new technique. We will be posting some sweet things we have been testing in Social Media leading to conversions soon.

Written by Chris Bennett on October 30, 2007

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