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Paying for content

May 9, 2006


 Yesterday I was watching CNBC and heard something that really made me stop and think about the world of search engine marketing. 

The headline read: “Paying for Content” 

It is amazing how Google is getting everywhere (and into everything) quickly, even into the main stream media when it comes to them giving us ideas on how to get better rankings on the search engines.  More and more lately any good SEO knows how big of a deal good unique content is and how you need it for rankings (especially on Google).  You will not get good rankings on Google without a site that has good content.  Content that is dupliate (copy and paste) is not only a bad ideas, but can get you penalized on Google.  Anytime you are using information from somewhere else, find better keywords and re-write it … make it your own!

So since the main stream media is picking up on this,  it tells me how important this issue really is. If you have a website that does not have information that changes often (like a retail site), think about creating a blog and coming up with content related to your product or service.  Even if you are just blogging about products you sell and giving your own reviews it will do more for you then if you do nothing.

Since the title is “Paying for Content” here is a good list of free lance sites to find people who can help you write content:

Make sure you check out the refrences and history of any person you may employ and do not assume anything.  The best bet is creating the content yourself, (nobody knows your stuff better then you) but if you don’t have the time, or feel you have the skills then this would be a good start to good content. 

Remember building content does not mean just the homepage.  You need good content that goes deep into your website.  Hundreds of pages of content related to your products or services.  Don’t get scared by this task, just realize if you really want to compete on the search engines (especially Google) you have to prove to them that you are the best site out there and the best result they can serve up.  The only way you can show them your credibility is by proving to them you are doing things by thier rules and giving them good content.  Its just amazing to me that even the media is talking about search engine optimization related stuff (even though its content related SEO). 

Written by admin on May 9, 2006

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