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Page Rank update

July 17, 2006


Just wanted to share a quick note with everybody to check out thier sites page rank, as it looks like Google went through another PR update over the weekend.  Its been a while (since the last) and I knew it had to be coming soon.  One thing that is still strange, is it still seems that Google is not giving much PR love to the “pre bid daddy” sites.  Sites and pages built after big daddy seem to be getting better PR.  This may just be the case with a few sites I am seeing, but I would love to hear about where your PR is at and if your site was created pre or post big daddy.

Also something I would check out is to see the number of IBL (In Bound Links) on Google now.  Has your number increased or decreased?  Again, try to remember if your site is pre or post big daddy and it could shed some light if the number has decreased.  Not sure why some of the things happen the way they do, but lets just keep an eye on things for a while and see what happens!

Written by admin on July 17, 2006

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