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Page Rank Update – What’s going on?

April 5, 2006


Have you noticed something strange with your Google Page Rank? If you have then you are not alone! Some very wierd things are going on since the Big Daddy update thats for sure. Lets think back to a few things that have happened lately at Google. Live Page Rank was discovered by Google and shut down for some reason, and according to Matt Cutts its not going to be showing up again any time soon. Alot were speculating if this was the future page rank, or what your website should be seeing in the near future. With the Big Daddy update done, you had to realize that a PR update was coming soon.

So, whats going on with the Page Rank update that is taking place? I am getting alot of reports (and experiencing very wierd things on some of my sites as well) of Page Ranks being very wierd and clients seeing subpages with much higher page ranks then homepages. Also, homepages losing a high PR for no apparent reasons, while subpages getting higher page ranks? Danny Sullivan gives a great example from

Another thing that seems to be wierd is certain websites that were created after the Big Daddy update seem to be getting rewarded with high page ranks, while sites that have been around for a while (more BL’s, more domain name age, etc) are getting punished on thier homepage PR for some reason. It just does not make sense. FOR SURE, I will keep an eye on this and update as needed and information comes in.

Written by admin on April 5, 2006

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