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Page Rank Update (kind-of)

April 8, 2006


Well I wish I was able to give you some good information as to why all your sites Page Rank is all wierd now, but I can’t. I am still trying to get the real information sorted out from the crap that is coming in. I have been keeping an eye on some sites that I have been closely working with, and one that comes into mind is a guy only 2 months ago I started helping. In that short time he now has a PR 4 on his homepage, and alot of his subpages, but most other pages are around a PR 3. This gift basket site is in a competitve market, but he has done great keyword analysis, knows his target audience, and is starting to be rewarded for his deligent SEO practices that I have been teaching him. In only a few months he has got over 17 recognized BL’s on Google and his traffic is increasing every week. The reason I post about this site is the fact that this was pre big daddy and he had a PR 0 prior to the latest Page Rank update. So again, this is something that is unusual going on with Page Rank and sites losing PR pre big daddy. Also the fact that this sites homepage has the higher PR and the subpages lower (this is what we were use to before, but not seeing much anymore) I have been reading some posts speculating on some of Googles datacenters being all messed up, but again have found out nothing soilid yet, just though this was interesting with this site. I will keep you posted and informed on this PR update, as the information comes my way!

Written by admin on April 8, 2006

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