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October rolls in a new PR Update

October 1, 2006


Well I know the page rank update started a few days ago, but I was sitting here and remembered its now October and can’t believe where this year has gone so far!  Nothing suprising on all the stuff I do from the update side of things,  all my sites stayed where they should with one jumping to a PR 4 (for a ecommerce site selling products – so not bad) so that was a nice little thing to see.

I would just recommend you all go and check out your page rank update.  It looks like its almost finished on most of the data centers.  Also check out your ILQ and Alexa rankings, they too seem to have been shifting this weekend.  In my case all for the better!

I have not noticed to many changes in the actual rankings, but this update still seems to be following the same as the others post big daddy.  This post was mostly just a reminder for all who read this blog to check out and see what thier new page rank is on thier site.

Have a good October!!!

Written by admin on October 1, 2006

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