By: Chris Bennett

Not Often Do You See Such a Good Review on TechCrunch

May 16, 2007


Late last night one of our clients Angling Masters was featured on TechCrunch and it was very positive. One of the reasons I subscribe to TC is because their reviews are very good and they don’t hesitate to point out flaws in a site, or it’s execution. So you can imagine my joy when our client and good friend had their site reviewed and it came out with flying colors, even the comments were good. I have been really excited about this project for a long time I believed in the sites potential from the moment they contacted me and now that we are launching it is great to see such good reception.

Angling Masters is an online fishing community and social site for fisherman. It allows fisherman to create their own profile called cabins which come complete with Photo Gallery, Blog (to tell the, “I caught a fish this big” story) and other tools to network and meet other anglers. It also allows free profiles for businesses called Marinas which lets everything from a Bait and Tackle Shop, to Fishing Guides advertise their products or services and network or sponsor other members.

It also created the first fishing competition that allows fisherman all over the world to compete against each other through the creation of a scaled system that compares bass, trout, crappie and everything else equally so that all fisherman can compete. In the summer there will be a daily winner with $1,000 given away each day to the big catch.

It is the first of its kind and definitely on the fore-front of good niche social sites, there are so many clones out there it was nice to see something so fresh when they first contacted us. It is also backed by one of the smartest VC’s around out of Canada with a Rolodex that would make anyone drool, and it is networking one of the largest sports industries on the planet.

Up until now we have been focusing on proper site structure good old fashioned link building to get some traction, now we are telling the world. Since December when we started we took it from 1,500 pages indexed in Google to 6,000 plus and counting. We also took the page views from 90,000 a month to 243,000 last month with it increasing daily. We have had some exceptionally high conversion rates from good old fashion rankings and are very excited about working with a company set out to re-define a dinosaur industry.

Written by Chris Bennett on May 16, 2007

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