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Pinterest Update: No More Editing URLS or Descriptions

May 22, 2012


Over the past month, Pinterest has made several algorithm updates that were questionable. From expanding the amount of time between pins to limiting the amount of times a specific URL can make it to a category page, most of the updates have made at least a little bit of sense as they’re trying to deter spammers.

However, the newest update has gone a little bit too far in my opinion. Not only was it unnecessary, but it made the visual social network unusable by users that rely on text content. Since text can’t be shared on the Pinterest boards, I’ve always suggested that users make and upload “badges” that displayed a description of the article as shown below:

If the content happened to be older or if it were from a news organization (where red tape often prohibits what can be placed onto the site) I would often simply suggest they upload a badge to an image hosting service (Imgur or and change the Pinterest url to link back to the article. It worked perfectly and the content often made it to the top of the category pages.

Why is making the category pages important? Because this is where ALL the traffic and visibility is seen on Pinterest. Without making it to the top of a specific category the content is often dead in the water.

The ability to edit the url was both nifty and useful for these industries. However, this is no more. This weekend I began to realize that my pins were disappearing from the categories after I had edited the url. So being the Pinterest enthusiast that I am, I set out to prove that editing urls is no more.

This morning, I made a simple badge for a friend that outlined one of his articles and submitted it to the DIY section. It showed up and everything was great, however, since it was directed to the Imgur image, I needed to edit the url to point back to his specific site:

As you can see, Top 10 Fashion trends is clearly at the top of the DIY category. Now, time to edit the URL:

The result? No more category page. No repins. No likes. No traffic. It simply disappeared as this screen shot taken 30 seconds later shows:

I know a lot of people use this method for their personal blogs and client sites, so I figured I would spread the word. No more editing links in Pinterest. If the content will need a custom badge to display the content, then it is absolutely necessary to now have it in the original article.

The same applies for the Pin descriptions. Basically, you will disappear from the category page if you edit the Pin. I can’t say this makes any sense, but I’m not surprised. 

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Written by colbya on May 22, 2012

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