By: Andrew Yeager

New Office, New Site, New Employees and Pinterest

March 22, 2012


It has been a crazy last couple of months or really last 6 months. The biggest and most exciting transition for us was to move all of our services completely in house. Our SEO and link building services have been in house for years but our Social Department has not. It is now totally in house, we have the infographic designers, researchers, promoters etc… all under one roof and it has been awesome on getting things done quickly and it makes for a much better quality control.

In February we moved to a new office on the boarder of Lehi/Highland, UT off of Center street and it has been a lot of fun.

Over the last year I have taken a step back, stopped blogging, stopped reading a lot of stuff and really just focused on what 97th Floor has needed to do to get to the next level, to get to where I have always envisioned it would go. We are well underway now with that vision and I couldn’t be happier with our team, the work we are doing and with our clients.

We just launched the new site, we know there are some bugs and small things missing, but if you see anything BIG or glaring please let us know.

Lastly we love Pinterest! It is like Digg 1.0 over here in the offices, its like the wild wild west again and Social hasn’t been like that for a long time. Look for us to start blogging, presenting and sharing more about Pinterest strategies that are working for our clients. Here is one that Colby our newest hire did on Pinterest Marketing on SEOMOz. If you haven’t tried Pinterest or have written it off, I would urge you to take another look, it is very very powerful.

Lastly wanted to write this post to sort of break the bottle on the ship and kick the blog back up again, look forward to a lot of new tactics, tools etc…I think this will be the best year yet in 97th Floors existence which is coming up on 8 yrs and that is very very cool.

Written by Andrew Yeager on March 22, 2012

Andrew is the Director of Design at 97th Floor.

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