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Narrowing down a “niche” with passions or numbers?

August 4, 2006


This is an interesting topic that I have been debating about for a while. 

In my line of work I often talk with people about finding their “niche” in the “internet marketplace” through massive keyword research and analysis.  It is also important to help people understand their passions and how they tie into their internet business plan. 

But thats just it….lately I have been thinking about that very thing.  I can be passionate about anything if it makes me money.  With the help of suppliers, and all sorts of information through them you can create a pretty dang informative websites – and really know NADA about the product. 

In the past I would consult people to do the very opposite thing – Find a product they are passionate about because its so much easier to write content about something you know.   It was the best advice I could give at the time, but now … I am not sure if this is the best advice anymore.  The more and more I think about it – it was not!  Thats why I wanted to blog about this today to help people understand what they SHOULD BE DOING.  I hope someone gets something from my rantings!!!

Well that has all changed lately:

With all the free lance opportunites lately from sites like GuruElance and Get A Free Lancer its easy to get someone else to write about your products, content and topics. 

SO what does this mean?

It means that you need to base what you do on numbers (keyword research and analysis) and find “niches” that are good according to the search engines, and what people are looking for based on those numbers.  Use tools like the Keyword Selector Tool from Yahoo!, “allinanchor” and “allintitle” from Google.  Many Search Engine Optimization websites/firms have SEO tools as well that help you research out keywords and the competition.

So, in conclusion when trying to figure out what your internet business is going to be…rely more on numbers and research, finding something that people are looking for, and finally – something we know we can get rankings on rather then just something you are “passionate” about!  (because remember – anyone can be passionate about making money!  Right??)

Written by admin on August 4, 2006

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