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May 10, 2006


This is kind of a funny post for me, but it has some “marketing” merit so its worth reading (please bare with). I have not got sucked into the world of yet, but most of my family and friends have. They all (for the most part) know what I do for a living, and are always telling me how much traffic thier MySpace page gets, and how it helps thier other website traffic. (but does it convert?)

Here’s the answer:

The reason I post about this is a story I heard from my brother about what one of his friends, who is in a pretty popular Arizona heavy metal band (Razer). Here goes: Razor (the AZ band) posted an ad on MySpace saying something to the effect of checking out these hot girls all together (doing something-be creative) but when the ad was clicked on it took you to the page where you vote for thier band to be played on MTV2. Very creative. Razor (as of writting this) has received almost 18,000 votes. I have heard a great number of them have come from this ad. It looks like they have got enough votes to be played as well. This could be the break these guys need to make it to the main stream.

I am not saying I agree with this technique, or that its not a little spammy, but it is very creative. I mean heavy metal music is sex, drugs and rock-n-roll right?

This just goes to show you if you only rely on search engines you are missing out on a piece of the action … You can get good traffic from other means besides the search engines. Take advantage of all “MySpace” type groups/communities cause it could mean big traffic.

Written by admin on May 10, 2006

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