By: Chris Bennett

MyBlogLog is Dead – Make room for Technorati’s NEW “Teamorati”

May 26, 2007


Before I continue to mislead you, two things:

1.) MyBlogLog is dead (as far as I’m concerned) put a fork in them!

2.) I do not know if Technorati is doing anything called “Teamorati” I made it up, but I will explain why they should.

Both Mybloglog and Technorati had major changes over the last week, neither of which I am particularly excited about. As you all know MyBlogLog’s in house Social Media made a retarded expert decision to create a new spam tagging system where a fellow MyBlogLog user can tag another if they feel they are spamming them.

I’m not going to recap the MyBlogLog Revolt you can find good info from Andy, Andy again, Cameron, SEL and Andy Beard.

Technorati completed another redesign and I have to say I didn’t really care too much. It didn’t do anything to make me want to use them more than the five minutes a month I use them now. No one uses WTF, no one uses really anything on there except to see where their blog is ranking, and blog search. They need to tie their unbeliavably big community together to form a team or a “Teamorati.”

Technorati has had multiple rounds of fund raising for millions upon millions of dollars, yet there still doesn’t seem to be a clear path to profitability or an exit strategy even. They have over 15 million blogs in their database and a huge presence they just aren’t leveraging it.

I think they should create a mybloglog competitor that networks all their users into more of a community, I thought the visitor widget was a great idea by mybloglog, but they have messed up 10 too many times for me to use them anymore. There is a gap that Technorati could jump in by connecting all of their users and getting everyone to switch from MyBlogLog to them. They have a stronger brand and bigger following and I am sure that the “SchMoes” would have no problem telling the world about them and adapting them right away.

It seems that MyBlogLog forgot that the “SchMoes” are the ones that pushed their product, they were around for a while with a relatively small user base, then Nov, Dec 06 every SEO, SMO, Marketer you name it was putting it on their blogs and telling their friends and clients to do the same. The next thing you know Techcrunch and every other respectable blog added the widget to their site.

“TEAMORATI” may be Technorati’s big chance to make some headway, they could even offer analytics and make a little dough.

Written by Chris Bennett on May 26, 2007

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