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Metallica on I-tunes

August 20, 2006


Yea I know, I once used the phrase; “when hell freezes over” in conjuction with Metallica allowing any type of music downloading site to offer thier music. (even at a cost) Well why now are they allowing? And why I-tues?

For me its easy to understand. If Metallica wants to keep making money selling records they need to allow it to be done one song at a time. I have found myself going back to I-tunes and purchasing individual songs that no longer work on 10 year old scratched CD’s …. plus as I get older (and hopefully wiser) I have gone back and purchased the music I once freely downloaded on places such as Napster when it was first launched. I do not think I am alone and if these major artists want to compete, and like I said sell records they need to get with the times.

Recently when I was on I-tunes downloading music I did look for a Metallica song and it was not there and it was annoying. I had just forgot they were not on at the time because it seems that EVERYTHING is on I-tunes. Now, it really seems to be true since Metallica has allowed thier songs to be downloaded. Perhaps, Metallica will get some fans back they lost during the whole “Napster” ordeal. And Perhaps there is other people out there like me who will go back and purchase the music they once so freely and carelessly downloaded in college.

Anyway you look at it I think its a good move on the part of Metallica. No doubt they are the pioneers of rock and one of the most famous bands out there, but this move could actually get them a bigger fan base (if thats possible) I am just glad I can download Metallica songs (legally) again…..

Written by admin on August 20, 2006

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