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Matt Cutts Leaving Google for Yahoo!

September 2, 2006


Ok, don’t stop breathing and look outside – the sky is not falling – and Matt Cutt’s is staying put with Google (to bad for Yahoo!).  So why the false headline?  I wanted to make a point.  You probably clicked on the post to see what the heck Matt is doing, or may have thought this was untrue, but just had to see what was going on.  You have just fallen for the SEO tactic of link baiting.  I am not promoting it by any means, but just thought I’d share this tactic because recently I fell for it – see here – link baiting

I fell for it on Digg of all places.  Good job to the creator of the article (if you want read the article its a good read, and where I got the idea for this post)

Now link baiting is not new by any means and I am not a big fan of it, but it I think it brings out a good point of creating catchy headlines that will pull people in to your blog.

Even Matt Cutts ventured into the world of link baiting a few months ago (even though it was an April Fools joke) and tricked us all for just a few seconds that he had traded spaces with Jeremy from Yahoo!

Like it or hate it, link baiting is here to stay and is making alot of people a ton of money as a little known SEO tactic in blogging/articles/press or anything else where we get information out!

Written by admin on September 2, 2006

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