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Looks like no more Live-PR (RK)

March 29, 2006


Today in reading MC answers to all the questions he gave the community the opportunity to ask, I found the question and answers that I had wondered most about.  Really what live pr or (RK) is and why are the tools that some developed to show this so called future page rank no longer working and would they be working again?  Well here goes the goods:

Q: “Is the RK parameter turned off, or should we expect to see it again?”
A: I wouldn’t expect to see the RK parameter have a non-zero value again.

This tells us that the current hacks people have used to figure this so called live pr will not be working any time soon.  In answer to what exactly the (RK) is (as there is still debate) MC answers this as well:

Q: “What’s an RK parameter?”
A: It’s a parameter that you could see in a Google toolbar query. Some people outside of Google had speculated that it was live PageRank, that PageRank differed between Bigdaddy and the older infrastructure, etc.

MC does not go into much more detail then this, but it leaves you to speculate that if you were lucky enough to see what your furture or live pr will be, it could possible be rolled out in the next couple of weeks.  BUT you will not be able to see anything like this again for the time being.  Very interesting why this was such a big deal?

The tool that showed this live pr can be found here and is still very useful for showing you what your PR is on all of Googles Data Centers (these guys that invented this tool don’t even know why it was shut down).  With the fluxuation of toolbar page ranks lately during big daddy (hopefully now that big daddy is done it stabalizes) this tool is good to show you the current toolbar pr without guessing if you have jumped from a 4 to a 0 overnight.

Written by admin on March 29, 2006

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