By: Chris Bennett

Link to your Links – Link Building Tip

January 31, 2007


What is the Golden link? Whether it is a contextual link, hosted (pre-sell) page, an article or .edu link or even a link on a page with the url, /add-link-free-reciprocal-directory-submit-site.html the best type of page to get a link from is a page with a large amount of inbound links to it. You want links from pages that have links. Sometimes you need to take matters into your own hands.

You know you need links that are relevant, and you should know to be looking at the cache date of the page you are about to get a link on, but what about incoming links to the page?

There are a couple ways of looking at the link profile of a page you are interested in, a quick method is to download the SEOPEN Tool Bar for Fire Fox then go to the page that you are curious about and click on the “Yahoo Tab” then hit “back link,” this will then open the Yahoo Site Explorer with the link: command for that specific URL. It will show you the number of backlinks Yahoo has in their index to that page. If the page has backlinks to it from other web sites other than itself you are well on your way to a good back link. If it doesn’t have any backlinks except from itself then you may wan’t to look at some other pages and compare the two.

Another method that works very well is using the strongest subpage tool that was built by We Build Pages. Enter the url of the site you are pursuing and the tool will use yahoo’s site explorer to look at the amount of backlinks pointing each page. Look at the pages listed as the strongest and try to find which one will be the most beneficial as far as clickthroughs, how many links going out on the page, cache date and relevance.

Not all great pages are naturally born, and you may need to do a little hand holding. Often times you will need to wave the magic wand and create the destiny of your link profile. If you have an article on seo on a virtually untouched web site with a 10+ year old domain that has been in the way back machine since the dawn of time, but no one is linking to the page, you may want to take matters into your hands. Or a new press release that you want to make sure stays indexed or anything at all that is linkg to your site and not any competitors, link to these pages and create the juice.

Create anchored links to the page that links to you, submit it, put it on profiles and about us pages. You want to do this in stride don’t create the ultimate crumb trail straight to Matts office. This doesn’t even need to be a gray tactic, tell people where you write articles, or where you have been referenced just don’t do it on the site that you are linking to in the articles as to keep the one way.

Ill give you a free-bee if you were smart enough to get in on sbd and buy a million submissions before they closed their doors, you would have created a business card page. This page has your title on it, description and links to 6 other sub-pages of your site. It is also on a very good directory and that page doesn’t link out to other competitors in your category. Go and link to that page and give it a nudge. Funnel the link love down.

Better yet buy sites and domains all the time in your industries and get em up quick with some content and let them bake. You will need them later and they will help. One of the best things I ever did as an seo was set up sites in anticipation for the future and I linked to them and let them bake for a while, I use them now and it is like magic.

Good SEO’s know where to find sites to get links from
Great SEO’s know how to find sites to get links from, then they buy those sites and they horde all the love.

I lost focus on this post but the point is if you have some great references on other sites that aren’t linking out to competitors, link to that page with some authority and you will gain more control of your sites rankings.

Written by Chris Bennett on January 31, 2007

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