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Link Quota Question

February 22, 2007


SEO Question:

I wanted to know if there is a quota for getting inbound links on a weekly or monthly basis?

This is really a great question! I can sum this up pretty easily I think. Quality over quantity is what you should be aiming for. I do not see you being penalized by the search engines for building up as many credible links as you can. If you are building up hundreds of thousands of links from link farms, or otherwise shady sites then I think you would have a problem. Those kind of sites will not give you the quality link you are looking for. You want to get links from sites that could give you good traffic and link love because its related to what you are doing. Getting links on sites that have thousands of unrelated links could be a red flag for Google as well.

To sum it up if you are finding links from high quality content sites that are indexed with major search engines I really do not see you building them up to fast.

Written by admin on February 22, 2007

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