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Link Building Strategies

March 20, 2006


Question: Do you have any good multi-link directories that you use and recommend?

There are many ways to start gaining better rankings in the search engines, but I really want to focus on one in this post–Multi-link Directories.

What is a multi-link directory, and what can it do for me? A multi-link directory is a directory that will give you multiple text link ads to your website including sub-pages. Most of these listings also place your ad on pages that have a good Page Rank. When you have other subpages listed besides your homepage on a site, it helps your link popularity and your visibility in the search engines, which in turn can help your rankings on all of the engines.

Some of my favorite multi-link directories to start submitting to (under $50) are the following:

This gives you almost 50 text links to your site for under $100 total and puts you on pages with good standing in the search engines and good page ranks. One thing to keep in mind is your marketing budget. Only pay for the directories that will do the most for you. Most paid directories will not even allow you to chose the words you want to be linked to you.

Written by admin on March 20, 2006

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