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Lame attack on breastfeeding mom

February 2, 2007


I have to add my two cents on this and how insainly stupid this useless attack by Jennifer Daniel Collins an Attorney at Faegre & Benson (they represent the National Pork Council) on the lactivist blogger is. Yes, I am posting because Shoemoney asked, but even more so for all the nursing mothers out there. I have three kids, and every single one of them was breastfed by my wife, and I know the challenges that she faced in doing what is BEST for my kids. Being attacked because you are promoting what is best for an infant is just flat out wrong. More should join on this quest to get the word out about this ridiculas law suit.

Read all about it from Jennifer Laycock herself at the lactivist blog. Then send your thoughts to these people:

You can email the Pork Board directly. Or, you can contact the relevant folks in the marketing and PR departments.

Jeff Hartz – Director of Marketing Communications
(515) 223-2629

Joy Johnson – Vice President Marketing
(515) 223-2631

Michael Wegner – Vice President Communications
(515) 223-2638

Teresa Roof – Public Relation Manager
(515) 223-2616

Written by admin on February 2, 2007

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