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Kevin Federline Super Bowl Commercial

February 4, 2007


Ok, I am not a KFed, FedEx, (whatever you call him) Kevin Federline fan at all. I just got done watching his super bowl commercial, and have to admit it was probably one of the best commercials I have seen all game so far!

It was one of the Nationwide Insurance commercials that talks about life coming at you fast. I know you all remember the one with MC Hammer.

It showed Kevin Federline rapping like he was in a video and what not when he is yelled at by his boss (fast food boss – thus the controversy) for day dreaming. He was looking up into the monitor dreaming of the 15 seconds of fame he had as a wanna be rap star. (If you can even call it that)

Anyway my hat is off to Nationwide for having the best super bowl commercial. This one was awesome, and to all of the people that were saying it was a slam against fast food workers – LIGHTEN UP. It was just a flat out dang funny commercial!

Here it is:

kevin federline super bowl commercial

Written by admin on February 4, 2007

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