By: Chris Bennett

Is Google Maxed Out?

May 3, 2006


There was a pretty good article in the New York Times yesterday about the battle between Microsoft and Google. It talks a lot about how aware both comapnies are of each other and all the increased spending that they both plan for the rest of this year and throughout 07. The most interesting thing to me was most of the spending Google plans on making is for new machines and computers to be able to store more information. Below is an exerpt from the article.

“Last month, when reporting its quarterly earnings, Google reported a doubling in its rate of capital investment, mainly in computer servers, network equipment and space for data centers, and said it would spend at least $1.5 billion over the next year.”

Following that paragraph Eric Schmidt the CEO of Google was qouted saying something very suprising,

[As Google grows, so does its need to store and handle more Web site information, video and e-mail content on its servers. “Those machines are full,” Mr. Schmidt, the chief executive, said in an interview last month. “We have a huge machine crisis.”]

I am not suprised that Google is maxed out, (because of all the strange things I have seen in monitoring our clients sites latley) but I am suprised the CEO would admit to such a thing. Especially being a public company with share holders. CEO’s are known for their skills of making things seem a lot lighter than they are, so I wander how bad it really is. Enough to spend 1.5 billion dollars.

I have noticed the temporal effects of this “Machine Crisis” in some of our sites and in talking to other webmasters. Google has been dropping thousands if not millions of pages from their index. Small sites are taking longer to get fully indexed and big sites are not getting indexed past a certain point. It seems that Google can’t handle more data and it is definately effecting the rankings and status of the sites in their index.

Hopefully all that new hardware is live soon and we can get things back to normal.

In the meantime Yahoo and been coming through like never before!!

Written by Chris Bennett on May 3, 2006

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