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Is Google getting worried?

January 25, 2007


Today I was reading John Scott’s latest post about why Matt Cutts should chill and it just makes me want to share my two cents. I am getting tired of all the annoying conversations going on about buying links being bad, unethical, black hat’ish”, or otherwise gray.

It makes me wonder if common sense link building is bad – for example: Lets say I found a site that has some pretty good rankings related to what I do, and I find an article related to my website on one of their pages. I see the article has no outbound links, and has a decent cache date and is not a supplemental result, then why the hell would I not contact them and ask them for a link? They might ask me the question; “whats in it for me?” and “why should I give you a link”? Most of the time if you tell them, I will give you 20 bucks for doing it, its a done deal. To me this is just common sense (and a nice thing to do). Is it bad? I guess that is the debate. I personally think that link is much more legit then my adwords ad showing up on a spammy adsense site (that I paid for). I challenge you to argue over that point! Its all about building legitimate, credible, quality links … right? Getting back to my example – to think that person will just give you something for nothing (to keep it pure) is silly.

This really is all John Scott is bringing to the table with his new program.

********Update: Graywolf did the most amazing post on this very topic today – it is a MUST read.

Written by admin on January 25, 2007

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