By: Chris Bennett

Interview With Bill Zanker of Learning Annex

November 2, 2007


Like I said in the last post Mat and I are preparing to speak next week at the eTourism Summit so not a lot of SEO posts this week. I wanted to tap into some of the very successful business people that I know and do some interviews from time to time. Below is an interview with Bill Zanker from Learning Annex. The owner of the largest and most successful Large Scale Education Company on the planet.

Me: What gave you the idea to start Learning Annex?
Bill Zanker: I was a professional student and my father took me to lunch and said “You need to get a job. I won’t support you anymore.” So I took $5,000 dollars of my bar mitzvah money and started The Learning Annex. My girlfriend at the time was a pottery teacher and she convinced me to expand the curriculum so that’s how it started.

Me: What was the key ingredient to its success?
Bill Zanker: Listening to what the public wants to learn and getting the best to teach them.

Me: Was it your Goal to go after the Big Brand Names from the start?
Bill Zanker: It was always my goal to get the best instructors in every field to teach. So yes, big names and celebrities were always on my list to get.

Me: What is your Goal for the Future of Learning Annex?

Bill Zanker: It’s my goal to take the Learning Annex to the billion dollar level through other streams of learning both online and on television. It’s really an exciting time for The Learning Annex.

Me: What advice have you learned that can help any business?
Bill Zanker: One of the most important pieces of advice that I have learned is to listen to your customers. They will be able to tell you how your business is doing and what direction you need to go in.

Me: How do you define Success?
Bill Zanker:Seeing how proud my kids are of me.

Me: The Purpose of the new book?
Bill Zanker: Think Big and Kick Ass is a book I wrote with my business hero, Donald Trump. He taught me to think big and he teaches my students at my Wealth Expos the same thing. I convinced him to write his message down and I contribute by being the living embodiment that his strategies work. It’s been a great collaboration and a great success.

Me: Any other words of wisdom?
Bill Zanker: Have a great passion in everything you do and it will be the most fun and rewarding life you can have.

You can go here to find more info on Think Big and Kick Ass in Business and Life.

Written by Chris Bennett on November 2, 2007

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