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Inside ways to Google News

August 16, 2006


When submitting a press release online we often go to the main PR sites such as When only doing this we are missing an opportunity I want to tell you to be taking advantage of.

Everyone is looking for an easy way into Google News, and why not with the potential for millions of views a day. Why not go straight to the source (Google News) and find some nice PR sites to submit to?

If you go to Google News and type in a keyword that would bring the kind of releases you would be doing up pay close attention to where those stories are coming from. It tells you right on the results who submitted it. If you can find a PR site that is already in Google News then it makes it that much easier to get your story in. Go to that site and find the submit release, or submit article button (or link) and try including your PR right there. Its worth a shot and these places are normally free to submit to.

I am not saying to avoid places like, but just remember that they are not the end all solution when it comes to submitting press! Good luck with this new idea!

Written by admin on August 16, 2006

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