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“I noticed your site does’nt have any rankings.”

April 11, 2006


Every time I see this, I laugh. I have been an SEO for the last 6 years, and been involved in internet business of some sort for the last 9. When I get an email with a subject like the title above I laugh. I laugh because these kind of sneaky so-called SEO companies that gives us who are real SEO’s a bad name.

The reason I decided to post on this topic today was because I saw a Google Ad earlier that read: “Get your site listed on top of the search engines in 15 minutes.” If you ever come across and ad or company telling you this, RUN … Please, Please, PLEASE avoid this like a cancer coming to destroy you. It amazes me that these guys can sleep at night because the only thing these kind of companies will do for you is take your money and get you banned on Google.

Emails or Ads to avoid:

  • I noticed your website does not have any rankings in the search engines.
  • I noticed your meta tags are wrong on your site. (even if they are incorrect these guys will rape you!)
  • Did you know your website is at risk to get blacklisted by Google?
  • Get top 10 rankings on all the major search engines in 48 hours.
  • We will submit your site to over 7000 search engines every month for a year.
  • Get listed in Google in 15 minutes.

All of these are sneaky tactics designed to spark your interest, and sadly they do. Some of them may even give you short term amazing results, but by the time you have been banned by Google they are long gone with your money! So if you are suppose to avoid companies/emails like this what do you do? You need to contact a white hat SEO Company that uses techniques that will be long term and never get you banned.

Written by admin on April 11, 2006

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