By: Chris Bennett

I don’t “Digg” it

January 24, 2007


Why Digg could be heading to the garbage. I was going through my normal morning RSS with my bagel routine today and came across a post from Create PC on why Digg Sucks I got there from a post I saw by John Scott of V7 on the exact same topic. Basically Digg is ran by a bunch of wankers (stole that from Andy) that think they are Gods Gift to Information Sharing, and how sites are being submitted by people other than the site owner (which is the whole point) are getting killed with flames and negative comments in Digg and on the originating blog itself. Kim herself was cussed out just by replying to the neg comments, “I was called an “asshole” by one of the Diggers for speaking up, but it was perfectly fine for them to trash a site I wrote about?”

Maybe it is no coincidence that most of the meme’s at the end of 06 in the seo world had the fall of Digg as a prediction for 07.

Check out Google

Digg Sucks and “Digg Sucks”

What have been your experiences with Digg, is it worth getting that big bill from the hosting company and waisting your weekend with junk comments?

Written by Chris Bennett on January 24, 2007

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