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December 21, 2006


I am on vacation and am going to be doing light posting – actually I was going to try not to post at all, but I saw something today as I was working on a clients site that made me laugh.

When I saw this SEO no-no today (I am getting to what it was be patient I gotta build it up) it really made me laugh and wonder with all the resources out there and information why people still do this stupid crap.  Do they really think its going to help them dominate on a big search engine?  Maybe they are just trying for all the little ones that will get them no traffic at all?  Who knows.

It does not matter if its its on the page in question, or in a div table in the html, or behind an image invisible to the human eye, the search engine can still see, and find the hidden text on your page (and they are getting better detecting it more and more everyday).  It will get you banned from Google.  It will not help you in the long run on any of the major search engines out there.

This is a white hat SEO Blog, and I understand there are reasons why some feel they can get away with this, but if you have a legitimate site and want to keep it that way, you should do your best to avoid all “black hat” areas.

Written by admin on December 21, 2006

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