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Here is a Method that is Helping Affiliate Marketers to get Higher CTR

February 7, 2007


I really do not talk about the topic of affilate marketing alot on this blog, but I am a pretty heavy affiliate marketer. It all got started for me back in the day of the Janet Jackson super bowl “wardrobe malfunction”. Back in those days I just could tweak some title tags and descriptions to make huge bank. I also learned how easy it was to use programs like GoClick and Google Adsense to make a ton of money ( I am talking about an average of $1200/day). It is not as easy to manipulate the search engines at is was back in the day (yea, I am saying it outlout, and the rest of you know its true because you did it too) to make money on ad paying programs. This is where smarter affiliate marketing comes into play today.

We all know that today you can’t manipulate the search engines with just changing a “title tag” (atleast Google) anymore. You must have a strategy with your affiliates, no matter if its Adsense, YPN, affiliates on CJ or any other number of affiliates out there.

One of the best tips that I have seen lately on helping you improve your CTR (Click Through Rate) was given recently by ShoeMoney on his blog. He talks about his “arrow approach” to improving CTR. You will see how strategically placing keywords in an “arrow” position gives a much higher click through rate. I have been implementing this tip for the last day on several of my ads and the CTR has increased about 40%. This increase has been on words that I have been stale on forever (no matter what techniques I have used).

Here is the example Shoe gives:

shoemoney increase ctrshoemoney increase ctr #2

Freaking awesome! Thanks for the tip Jeremy. Any one else out there have some cool “ad CTR tips” they would like to share here?

Written by admin on February 7, 2007

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