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Helping Bloggers Succeed – Performancing Firefox add on

December 2, 2006


The name says it all. I really wanted to share another great avenue in blog exposure, and blog montenization. If you have not heard of the Performancing add on for Firefox then you need to get it today and try it out! From what I can see so far I really like. More exposure and more money. What’s wrong with that combo? Ever? If anyone has ever used this tool I would love to hear about it.

Here are some great features this add on has:

  • Full WYSIWYG and source editing
  • Save as Notes
  • Add all your various blog accounts
  • Technorati Support
  • Delicious integration
  • Trackback support
  • Draft support
  • Ping support
  • Image upload and FTP
  • Metrics stats

Here is a quick link to get started!

Install Performancing for Firefox version 1.3.5 Now!

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Written by admin on December 2, 2006

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