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Have you been banned at Yahoo!?

May 27, 2006


Yahoo has been stepping up its fight against spammy, and scraper sites lately.  If you have found your traffic going down and rankings you once had on Yahoo! dissapear there is a good chance you have been banned.  Does this mean you need to get a new domain name and start over?  Not at all.  Just be aware of what Yahoo! is looking for in a website.   When you do follow these simple guidelines you can ask them to reinstate you (I’ll provide the link in a sec).  Make sure you are actually banned by typing in your website address in the search box of Yahoo!  If you find that there are no results; yet, you know you have been listed before, you are probably banned.

A few ideas for a Yahoo! friendly spam-free site:

  • Write unique content and dont ever copy from anyone.
  • Write the content for humans and then give consideration to what the search engines may be looking for.
  • If you include anchor text, or hyper-links make sure they are useful links and not just there for the search engines.
  • Write good, well written sentances for your meta-description, and write your title tags for humans not search engines as well.

If you have not followed these kind of practices lately with your website then its time to start.  After you have gone through your website with a microscope (so to speak) then its time to beg for forgiveness …. just click here:

Good luck and remember to play nice and you will never have to worry about getting banned again.

Written by admin on May 27, 2006

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