By: Chris Bennett


January 22, 2007


I came home to make my wife lunch (love bait 🙂 ) and she was watching Tivo’d “The Today Show” and these two kids were both recently jacked by Simon in an American Idol Tryout in Seattle (Rand where your peeps at?). I guess Simon took it too far and and personally insulted the kids on their apperance calling one a Bush Baby and giving the other some Fat remarks. go there. These two kids are now on the Today Show and last night on Jimmy Kimmel, they have agents and are saying that they are pursuing acting carrers. The funny thing to me is in all the interviews they were going off on how they felt like dirt, and how they are degrated, and crushed. Then someone asked if in light of all that, are they enjoying all the fame? They both lit up and said (pharaphasing), “we love it we are here and there and so on, and now we are going to pursuing acting and singing carriers. We already have agents, we have some jobs coming our way etc….” They seriously changed their whole tone and went off on how stoked they are.

Maybe these guys are one of the top 100 and know what they are doing?

It was a strecth I know but the video is hilarious, maybe next time you want traffic or links use Hate Bait and call some people out, or whine that you were called out.

Written by Chris Bennett on January 22, 2007

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