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September 21, 2006


Just an update, I had a comment left on my blog the other day about the Googlebombing “failure” and “miserable failure” post and wanted to make a quick comment about it:

And speaking of success and failure, this Utah SEO blog points out that when you type in “miserable failure” in Google, it shows the biography of George W. Bush. Now that’s getting personal.

This person probably had no idea it would make me think of this, but reverse search engine optimization can be used in this instance when things to get personal.  You can already see the republicans trying to do thier best in this case because you see Michael Moore as one of the top results for “miserable failure” now just a few spots behind Bush…..

So yes, Googlebombing is getting personal, sad but true…thats politics in this day and age I guess.

Written by admin on September 21, 2006

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